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Originally when I uploaded Bejeweled 3's backgrounds I intended to share with you who loves the game and the lovely backgrounds but can't get them.
I extracted the game's main.pak which is responsible for the images from the game, and got the backgrounds from there. So people, I DIDN'T DRAW THEM, I shared them.
So it happened huh? Bejeweled 3 - coming on December 7th. Go to your nearest store now!

Also, at weekend I shall plan my evil plan to make animated gems from Bejeweled - including the old gems (Bejeweled), middle gems (Bejeweled 2) and the new gems (Bejeweled Twist, Blitz, and... 3) I shall get the gem images straight from the game itself.
Be careful what you wish for... you might just get it.
That's true somehow:
- C'mon, kill me you idiot!
- I bet you won't pull that trigger.
- Jump down from that skyscraper and I'll give you a trillion dollar.

Don't ask me.
Oh great? Why did I join in the first place? JK. But I'm no artist. I prefer to work (or mess...) with my computer, and take screenshot. That's it.
Probably you don't even know me. Fine.